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Our web pages contain links to other websites. We have no influence over the contents of any outside websites, nor over the adherence, or lack of adherence, of these websites to data protection regulations.

Privacy policy
If the following we would like to explain to you what happens when you visit this website. The following tells you what kind of information is collected, and how we use that information.

1. Information on privacy of automatically transmitted information
Every time you visit our website, your visit generates site-usage data. We use this data for internal technical and statistical purposes.
We store the following data: Browsertype/version, OS used, referrer URL (the site you came from), hostname and IP address of your computer, time of visit and the webpages of this site you requested.
Our storage and analysis of this data does not include any attempt to link it to individuals. The data is deleted after a statistical evaluation.

2. Providing personal data and third parties
If you provide us with personal data (name, address etc.; e.g. by email contact, filling out the registration form), we will only use them by the purpose you provided the data for.
Your personal data will only be transmitted to third parties if this is neccessary to fulfil the purpose you gave us your data for (e.g. external service provides, payment service providers, delivery services) or you consented to the transmission. Your consent to transmission of personal data to third parties can be revoked at any time for future transmissions.
In cases where required by law, including by court order, we will turn over your data in the appropriate scope to the authorized party.

3. Right to disclosure
On written request, we will disclose information on personal data stored on you.

4. Security
We attempt to protect your personal data by technical and organizatorial means from unauthorized third parties. Please note that data security cannot be assured if you transmit data by unencrypted email or forms.

All media on this website - including but not limited to all images and text - is copyrighted material - by us or third parties that licensed us - and may not be reused without our written consent.

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